Stakeholder engagement

Each year we engage with representatives from our key stakeholder groups to review the issues that are most important to them and to us.

The table below sets out what matters most to our stakeholders and why they are important to our company:


Relevance to the business

Further details

Environmental incidents

We are committed to operating our business in an environmentally responsible manner and aim to make continuous reductions to the intensity of the environmental footprint of our global operations.

Learn more about our approach to environmental incidents

Supplier and contractor management

Our Code of Conduct sets out our expectations of everyone who works for and with Petrofac. We aim to make all employees and third parties who work with and for us aware of the Code and its content.

Read our Code of Conduct

In-country value

Local delivery is key to the Petrofac model – employing local people, working with local suppliers, and developing local capabilities.

Learn more about how we deliver in-country value

Major accidents/process safety

Across Petrofac, our aspiration is for zero safety incidents, as reflected in the name of our Horizon Zero global safety campaign.

Find out more about our approach to major accidents and process safety

Worker safety

Safety is one of our core values and throughout 2015, we sought to maintain a strong safety culture and to prepare the Company for a progressive increase in the number of man-hours due to be worked in 2016 and beyond.

Read more about how we keep our workers safe

Contractor safety and management

All Petrofac safety policies and procedures apply equally to our suppliers and partners as well as our own employees.

Learn more about how we keep our contractors safe

Emergency preparedness

We work in a major hazard industry and sometimes in difficult security environments, so we’re acutely aware of the importance of being prepared for emergencies.

Read more about how we prepare for major emergencies

Learning and development

The central ethos of our HR strategy is to develop our people.

Learn about how we value learning and development

Diversity and equality

We believe that diversity is wider than simply gender and, irrespective of background or gender, we recruit on merit and aim to hire the best candidates with the widest range of skills and experience.

Read more about how important diversity and equality is to Petrofac

Bribery and corruption

In 2015 we updated our Standard for the Prevention of Bribery and Corruption (the Standard), and introduced several new safeguards.

Find out about our anti-corruption approach

Ethical conduct

‘Ethical’ is one of the six Petrofac values. Our Code of Conduct (the Code) sets out our expectations of everyone who works for and with Petrofac.

Read more about Petrofac’s ethical approach to business


Over the last few years, the development of our governance framework has been extremely important.

Learn more about how Petrofac values responsibility governance


Stakeholders share the perception that Petrofac are very responsive, provide honest feedback and are open in dialogue, and respond effectively to any issues.

Stakeholder feedback, from materiality workshop